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Thursday, August 25, 2005

ALERT! ALERT! Link to Pulitzer-level material below!

The story in the link below is the finest and most intense piece of reporting I have ever seen. I’d sent Yon some money and, responding to a thank-you from him, I promised him steak and beer anytime he’s in the Dallas area. Now I’ll have to rescind that offer; you would have to have stainless steel balls to even sit at the same table with this guy and those he is covering!

A Real Tale of Super-Heroes Kurilla and Prosser (and their trusty sidekick Michael Yon)!


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Headed for Africa Next Week

Well, not that I’ve been regular enough about posting anyway, but there likely will be a three week hiatus; I’ll be leaving for Uganda on Aug. 29th . Assuming I survive riding the Tube and buses wearing my new shirt, I’ll be spending 17 days at the Kiwanga orphanage in Kampala and the Sabine orphanage in Rakai (about 150-200 miles south). Winnie will be busy in leadership training for my first week, so I’ll be able to work with others until then. I’ll give a full report when I return; may post once while there, as I need to visit an Internet café with Winnie and show her the online ropes.

At least I’m not going to Northern Uganda; MSNBC reporters have done some great reporting on the problems here and here. I wouldn’t make a run up that way until a few things are done; my son is off on his own; my mother no longer needs me to buy cigarettes for her and to keep her out of trouble; and I buy myself a decent sidearm and get comfortable with its use. Maybe a few years from now.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Updates And Sheehan

I found a great t-shirt site, where you can design your own shirt; I'll include a picture of mine after I ride the Tube with it. Also, it looks like I was wrong and the Dems are putting away their brass knuckles on Roberts. Are they really dumb enough to think he won't be a constitution conservative once on the court? (Uhh, Guys; you're putting a lot of faith in his statements on recognizing 'settled law'. Who do you think establishes 'settled law'?) Actually, I'm convinced he put on such a show in his one-on-one meetings that I think they were terrified they had another 'Oliver North' on their hands. (Those of us old enough to remember those hearings know how thoroughly the Dems got roasted on their own BBQ grill.) They'll pull out all stops on Renquist's replacement instead; I betting Bush's nominee then will be a minority woman, with Renquist timing his retirement in time to be sure it falls into the '06 election cycle. What fun!

As for the Michael Moore 'grieving Mom' puppet outside of Crawford: You know, I might be a little more upset at the thugs who planted the bombs that killed her volunteer son than at Bush, if I were her. And I certainly would not humilate his comrades-in-arms and her own family by becoming such a ventriloquist's puppet. As for Bush's heart on the matter, read this. (I never thought I'd link to a Newsweek article!)

I am most upset by her absolute lack of regard for the results of her antics and her desired goal on the Iraqi people themselves; they are not 'potted plants' in all of this, Madam! Is this what she wants? Would you care to hear this opinion? The rest of the military moms will let her know what they think, though the Imperial News Media will only show the handful friendly to her, not the droves in strong disagreement with her. But what about the voices I lsted here; will she give them an answer?


Thursday, August 04, 2005

More threats

Hmm, The Number 2 man in Al Qaeda is threatening London and the State Department has issued a travel advisory for Great Britain. My plans before all of the bombings and threats were- on my 12 hour layover in London in 3 weeks- to ride the Tube out to Tower Hill and take the double-deckers for a quickie tour. Now, I’ll have to change my plans... does anyone know where I can buy a ‘You Can Kiss My Ass, Al Qaeda’ T-shirt to wear as I ride the Tube and take the bus?

Heck, I’m on my way to Africa where mosquitoes kill as many ‘innocent bystanders’ every week than these Al Qaeda goons have managed in a year. Both types of blood-suckers need to be dealt with the same way; you go on living your life as you would otherwise while being alert for them, and squash either insect without mercy when they raise their ugly heads.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My boy's decision (for now)

For those wondering about my son’s ‘marine’ decision. He actually was impressed with what the recruiter had to say and thought hard on it for several days. Finally, he decided to go to college for now and rethink it after that. Personally, I think that is the best decision; he has to have some significant surgery on his jaw (socket repair of a birth defect and synthetic ligament addition) just as he’s finishing up high school and that may have prevented him going immediately anyway. But I would have been proud if he decided to try for the service anyway.

My condolences to the families of Gyrenes who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the last couple of days; this war if far from over, but will be worth it for our children and grand-children.


Big, Bad Bolton; go kick some U.N. tail

Now that the liberal whining ‘No fair, No fair!’ has faded from the camera spotlight and Bolton is at the U.N., he needs to get down to the business. Kofi downplaying him as just one of 190 ambassadors (Uhh, Kofi; he’s one of 15 on the Security council and represents the nation that pays for one-fourth of your bloated and corrupt organization.) I’d loved to have been a fly on the wall of the ‘brief private meeting’ Bolton and Annan had. Something along the lines of:

Annan: “You’re going to mellow out here, aren’t you? You’ll have to to get along, you know.”
Bolton: “Yeah, right. Kofi, have you got your retirement planned out yet?”

I’ve heard that the Useless Nations are planning on spending up to $1.2 billion on rebuilding the current facility and have essentially asked to U.S. to ‘loan’ them the money. We ought to say, “Sure, we’ll even just give you the money (you’d never repay it anyway). Only one requirement; that you enhance your ‘image of neutrality’ (suppressed hysterical laughter) by building it elsewhere- say Switzerland.”

I’m sure the hookers and ritzy restaurants would be appalled, but the net positive of them moving out would definitely make it all worthwhile.