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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How many Boat People this time?

For all of you out there who have listened to the Imperial News Media and the liberal Democrats out there about Iraq; those that want to pull out by timetable or as soon as possible: How many Iraqi boat people do you think will land on our shores this time? (Remember Vietnam?)
If we bail out without some sort of stability, here is what will happen:

1) Sistani will be assassinated and Al Sadr will be in charge of the Shia (after all, he’ll claim to have beaten the Americans).
2) A full-scale civil war will start- Shia against Sunni- with daily death tolls in the many thousands. Sunni genocide will begin.
3) Anybody with money on either side (and there are a bunch) will head across the borders; Shia to Kuwait, Sunni to Syria.
4) Those countries won’t take in that much trouble, so guess where they’ll end up? Yep, the good old U.S. How many? One million? Two? More? And the population would be guaranteed to have at least 2-3% true-blue terrorists mixed in among them.
5) Somewhere along the way, Al-Sadr get whacked, or fully converts to be the Al-Qaeda faithful, running a wealthy country. Bin Laden rides in a victory parade through the streets of Bagdhad.

So go ahead; vote the Democrats in. Then prepare to welcome your new neighbors; they may need help unpacking their RPGs.