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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sorry; Your TV Remote will not turn off the War

To the vidiots who are out there tired of a war you have made no sacrifices for, except for minor interruption of your information flow on the latest ‘Lost’ episode or Paris Hilton’s latest escapade. I’m sorry, but your TV remote will not turn off the jihadists. Jihadists have been killing Americans since the first truck bombing in Beirut in 1983 (my brother was there). These lunatics have been at war with everything you hold dear since before then and they will take every opportunity to impose their 7th century governmental concepts on you and as much of the world as we are willing to hand over to them.

Iraq is just one current front on this generational war, one that- if lost- will give Al Qaeda a nation of major financial resources to draw from and would guarantee the death of many 100,000s. It will also generate millions of refugees from their rule; and where do you think many of those refugees will end up? That’s right; the good old USA! And mixed in with them will be just as many terror cells as the Al-Qaeda can sneak in among the legitimate refugees. Who knows; your new next door neighbor may need some your help to move his RPGs in.

It's very simple; listen to the people who have served, or are serving over there. Let them, not some MSM type or US-based pundit, tell you about the value of the fight in Iraq. Ever wonder why you don't see a simple poll being done; one that asks the returning troops that asks them whether they think it is worth doing? The MSM would be real uncomfortable about the result.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back from Uganda

Another great, if a bit strange, trip to visit the kids in Uganda. Getting my girl Winnie started on college, doing some good deeds for Children of Uganda and for MADEUganda, and generally spending time with all the the great kids and fantastic people there is just great. I'll post details and more pics on the UgandaKids site.

I added a new blog of the people and places of my work in Africa


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mass Murder Mayhem, Encouraged and Abetted by the MSM

Well, the scum-sucking ‘Ratings at all costs’ decision-makers in the MSM (with NBC being the lowest and most criminal of the bunch) have proven themselves lower than the maggots under horse shit. Their 24-hour monopolization of the TV screen of pictures and video that the murdering Cho monster sent them has done more disservice to this nation than even their traitorous anti-American slanting of the war ‘news’. News flash, Media Morons! When the Devil Incarnate sends you such things to glorify his monstrosity with the goal of having you publicize it, YOU DON”T GO ALONE WITH HIM!!

The result is perfectly predictable: a bunch on on-the-edge, ‘everybody-is-at-fault-for-my-misery-except-me’ types will latch on and do their utmost to top Cho's ‘badass’ness.

It certainly didn’t take long; just in the the last 36 hours we have DIRECTLY RELATED incidents in Montague County (fortunately stopped), California (fortunately stopped), and Houston, with one innocent casualty. And these are only the ones who did no planning at all; how many will occur in the next few weeks?

Is anyone going to hold the MSM accountable for the additional deaths they have assured, like the one in Houston? Reckless endangerment might serve for a giant civil case.

The MSM has become so disgusting, they deserve the attention of the only form of life beneath them; trial lawyers.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

A different kind of John Doe

Hey, Flying Imams! You terrorist facilitators should count yourselves lucky; the John Doe’s you ended up dealing with were the wary ‘sheep’ type, as described in this excellent piece, quoting from The Bulletproof Mind. You might have had to deal with the ‘Ram’ type (a group missing from the linked piece, but exists in the real world); those on United 93 and on the Shoe Bomber’s flight were definitive ‘Rams’. Or- worse- some off-duty ‘sheepdogs’ might have been at hand when you pulled your stunt; that would have ended it real quickly.

Trust me on this one; if I- as a ‘Ram’ type- am in the neighborhood and you start acting like you did, you just might have a new seat buddy close by you or at least between you and the cockpit that looks something like the guy above. And that seat buddy is pretty big and quite capable of slowing your punk ass down, if not stopping you cold. You’ll have your seat buddy’s undivided attention for the entire duration of the flight, with something heavy (laptop transformer) or sharp (a fistful of pens between the knuckles) close at hand. And my need to ‘go to the bathroom’ with amazingly coincide with yours.

On the ground… well, I’ve got a shiny new Concealed Handgun License and lots of practice at the range. So you’re welcome to visit me anytime to discuss your radical concept of religion and ‘human rights’. Count me as a much meaner ‘John Doe’ than you dealt with on your flight.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gathering of Eagles: HotAir's Vent

Time to get off your arses!
Today Michelle Malkin calls us to action, rightfully so. If you're tired of watching the deranged leftists hold their media-hyped rallies that are virtually unanswered, you need to try to get down to DC to the Vietnam Vets Memorial Wall on March 17th. If you can't get there in person, attend one of the rallies associated with This Caravan

digg story


Sunday, February 11, 2007

William Arkin; symptom of systemic A**holeness of the Elitist Press

It turns out that at least one editor DID review this piece of bovine excrement prior to it's posting. IMHO, the opinion he expressed is apparently held by a large part of the elitist MSM, though they would be a bit more refined and subtle about their expression of it.

Well, the vast majoritiy of the MSM aren't fit to apply the toilet paper of people like these written about in Arkin's own paper. These people are try to help brave Iraqis like these and hopeful Afghans like this one beat off some of the most heathanistic 'people' on the planet;thugs who would kill all 'infidels' (including many Muslims), rule by Sharia law and keep women uneducated and in Burkas.

These pampered elitists don't have a clue; if they did, they might be out doing reporting like this, or honoring our troops like this great man.

Go here to look in the eyes of the cost of this very important fight that we are waging against a belief system every bit as hideous as Nazisim; an absolutist, 7th century fanaticism that threatens the entire world in ways Hitler only dreamed of. But this time that have a willing accomplice Germany lacked in WWII; the Islamfascisits have the Imperial News Media of this country square in their hip pocket.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How many Boat People this time?

For all of you out there who have listened to the Imperial News Media and the liberal Democrats out there about Iraq; those that want to pull out by timetable or as soon as possible: How many Iraqi boat people do you think will land on our shores this time? (Remember Vietnam?)
If we bail out without some sort of stability, here is what will happen:

1) Sistani will be assassinated and Al Sadr will be in charge of the Shia (after all, he’ll claim to have beaten the Americans).
2) A full-scale civil war will start- Shia against Sunni- with daily death tolls in the many thousands. Sunni genocide will begin.
3) Anybody with money on either side (and there are a bunch) will head across the borders; Shia to Kuwait, Sunni to Syria.
4) Those countries won’t take in that much trouble, so guess where they’ll end up? Yep, the good old U.S. How many? One million? Two? More? And the population would be guaranteed to have at least 2-3% true-blue terrorists mixed in among them.
5) Somewhere along the way, Al-Sadr get whacked, or fully converts to be the Al-Qaeda faithful, running a wealthy country. Bin Laden rides in a victory parade through the streets of Bagdhad.

So go ahead; vote the Democrats in. Then prepare to welcome your new neighbors; they may need help unpacking their RPGs.