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Friday, August 27, 2004

Same event, different perspectives

The SwiftVet/Kerry blowup about the Kerry’s Bronze medal action can have BOTH sides explained with the following scenario. The Three boat was hit by the underwater mine; the surrounding boats, having been ambushed from shore after such before, immediately began to lay down covering fire to both shores. Kerry’s boat had left, losing a man overboard in the process (something that STILL is not well explained). As they came back, they saw the other boats lighting up the banks; a natural assumption is that incoming fire was taken. The man in the water hears gunfire all around him and certainly isn’t in a position to accurately ascertain source and direction. Kerry’s boat comes roaring back ‘in a hail of fire’ (very likely only outgoing) to retrieve the man they’d lost. The guys in the boats that stayed are in a position to know there was no incoming. Kerry’s boat, coming back, and the man in the water could have easily believed there was incoming. Hence the differing stories, both honestly believed. If tempers will cool down enough, maybe both sides will realize something like this was possible.

However, that does not excuse two Purple Hearts from self-inflicted, extremely minor wounds (not someone I’d want around in a fight), Kerry’s other bizarre behavior over there and a tendency to over-embellish reports. By themselves, these things are forgivable. What is NOT forgivable is Kerry’s clearly false testimony to the Senate and other statements after he returned. Peaceful protest is one thing; activities that can (and were) clearly usable against our men in the field and POWs is very much another. THAT is what is unforgivable and Kerry will get my vote when Hades freezes over AND Satan himself skates the Stanley Cup.


Sunday, August 22, 2004

Where to even begin... How about the First Amendment?

All the uproar about the SwiftVets is truly amazing. While I think some of the items of their critique are overly biased and certainly overly harsh, they DO have the right, under the First Admendment, to have their opinions and information heard. It is certainly no worse han most of the content (and certainly with a greater number of eye witnesses). The Imperial News Media has pulled out all stops, with absolutely NO attempt to hide their ravenous bias to discredit the claims without ever actually REPORTING the claims. Kerry can solve the whole issue merely by releasing ALL of his records an let the world decide. To date he has refused to. In the meantime, in support of the first admendment, which liberal and the Imperial News Media seems to think only applies to liberals, I strongly urge everyone to peruse the SwiftVet site, and/or buy the book "Unfit for Command" and make the decision for yourselves.