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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sam Johnson, Fiscal Conservative??

Just How FISCALLY Conservative is Sam Johnson (District 3, Texas)?

Thanks to Rep. Flake of Arizona (and he ain’t one!) and the Club for Growth, we have a better idea. Rep. Flake forced an up-or-down vote on 19 different ‘earmarks’ those marvelous little pork projects that are district-specific. You know the type of project; the ones that can’t really stand up on their own merit as a project worthy of federal resources, but are used to buy votes back home. They normally have impressive sounding names, but don’t let that fool you; they exist to buy votes or support from individual contributors. Many of these projects might actually be worthwhile; but they are all essentially local, state or commercial issues, not federal.

The amounts of these are tiny by Washington standards, but that makes them all the more indicative; only a Congressperson’s philosophy is at play here.

Well, here is how my representative, The Honorable Sam Johnson, did on this anti-pork effort and it ain’t all that pretty:

T = Voting for the Taxpayer
P = Voting for Pork
A = Absent

T: Vote 190 - Dairy education in Iowa ($229K)
T: Vote 191 - Hydroponic tomato production in Ohio ($180K)
T: Vote 192 - National Grape and Wine Initiative ($100K)
T: Vote 204 - Virginia Science Museum ($250K)
P: Vote 205 - Juniata Locomotive Demonstration ($1,000K)
T: Vote 277 - Swimming pool in Banning, CA ($500K)
T: Vote 278 - 'Facilities' in Weirton, West Virginia ($100K)
T: Vote 279 - Multipurpose facility in Yucaipa, California ($500K)
T: Vote 280 - Strand Theater Arts Center in Plattsburgh, New York ($250K)
T: Vote 298 - Mystic Aquarium in New London, Conn. ($1 M)
P: Vote 299 - The Jason Foundation in Ashburn, VA ($1 M)
P: Vote 302 - Northwest Manufacturing Initiative ($2.5 M)
P: Vote 303 - Lewis Center for Education Research ($4 M)
P: Vote 304 - Leonard Wood Research Institute ($20 M)
A: Vote 334 - Arthur Avenue Retail Market ($150K)
A: Vote 335 - Bronx Council for the Arts in Bronx, N.Y. ($300K)
A: Vote 336 - Johnstown Area Regional Industries ($800K)
A: Vote 337 - Fairmont State University ($900K)
A: Vote 338 - Tourism Development Assoc. in Kentucky ($1 M)

First, my son wasn’t this absent at school last year and he had a lot of medical reasons he could have been; Sam wasn’t elected to miss controlling the purse strings. It might have been an ‘excused absence’; truly important work elsewhere related to fiscal responsibility. But what are the odds?

Second: that’s $26 Million in pure pork that received his votes, while he voted against a little over $3 Million. And this man (who I dearly love on national defense issues) considers himself a fiscal conservative? It sure doesn’t look that way to me; I’m sending his office a link to this post to try to explain it. If they respond (and it’s something other than some no-thought form letter) I’ll post the response.

Say it ain’t so, Sam!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is WW III upon us?

Is this how World War III ends up? A Muslim caliphate?

Palestine, Syria, Iran, North Korea
United States, Israel, Great Britain, Australia, Japan?

Plus all sorts of side plots (Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Northeast Africa as sympathizers on one side: Poland, India, and a few others in Europe on our side? Russia possibly playing both sides (like usual)? China sitting on the sidelines, cheering for both sides to lose?

Battlegrounds all over the Middle East and in the largest cities of the Allies? Profiling and restriction of Muslims throughout the Allied world, not quite matching the Japanese-American internments, but coming close for our own protection?

Will nukes get used? (Probably, if the Islamofascist side gets some.) Most importantly, does Western culture have the collective resolve to win one more time?

The Islamofascists insist on repeating history, it seems. And- like the Nazis before them- they are likely to seriously damage, if not destroy, that which they profess to love (in this case, a religion).

If this does turn into Word War III, either the Muslim world or Western culture will be massively damaged, possibly beyond repair. Being the latter has proven to be accepting of other worlds and cultures, whereas the former has not, the world will be better off if the Allies prevail. But it is by no means certain.


Friday, July 07, 2006

In Honor of those lost in the 7/7 Attacks

Thought I'd bring up the picture of my 'Tube-riding' shirt to the forefront. I wore this shirt as I rode the Tube in London during my brief stopover the first of September last year, on my way to Uganda.