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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mass Murder Mayhem, Encouraged and Abetted by the MSM

Well, the scum-sucking ‘Ratings at all costs’ decision-makers in the MSM (with NBC being the lowest and most criminal of the bunch) have proven themselves lower than the maggots under horse shit. Their 24-hour monopolization of the TV screen of pictures and video that the murdering Cho monster sent them has done more disservice to this nation than even their traitorous anti-American slanting of the war ‘news’. News flash, Media Morons! When the Devil Incarnate sends you such things to glorify his monstrosity with the goal of having you publicize it, YOU DON”T GO ALONE WITH HIM!!

The result is perfectly predictable: a bunch on on-the-edge, ‘everybody-is-at-fault-for-my-misery-except-me’ types will latch on and do their utmost to top Cho's ‘badass’ness.

It certainly didn’t take long; just in the the last 36 hours we have DIRECTLY RELATED incidents in Montague County (fortunately stopped), California (fortunately stopped), and Houston, with one innocent casualty. And these are only the ones who did no planning at all; how many will occur in the next few weeks?

Is anyone going to hold the MSM accountable for the additional deaths they have assured, like the one in Houston? Reckless endangerment might serve for a giant civil case.

The MSM has become so disgusting, they deserve the attention of the only form of life beneath them; trial lawyers.