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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Will be voting Republican.... reluctantly

I guess I'll be voting for the national Republicans this year, but it will be only because we are at war. The Pork support, their open border policy and their general political establishment stunts are nauseating. But the nation's security cannot be trusted to Democrats who see the War on Terror as a crime issue; what idiots!

I will be registering my protest vote though. I'll be voting for Kinky Friedman for Governor. A monkey wrench needs to be thrown into the way Austin currently works; he'll do for now. He actually has a fair shot at getting elected. If it happens, maybe he, Arnold in California, Joe Lieberman, John McCain and Warner from Virginia can bolt and form a third party. I even have a name for it; the American Rational Party. Hopefully (if Condi Rice doesn't run), we'll be able to Vote Rational in '08.