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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gasoline Price Solutions

What can we as U.S. citizens do to reduce the price of gas at the pump?


We simply don't need them. The argument 'they're safer for my family' no longer holds water; recent studies have shown the increased rollover risk negates other impact injury savings. As for room, my wife's minivan is every bit as roomy and gets 22 MPG. The SUVs and pickups are merely bizarre extensions of the 'Middle-Aged Crazies' which used to be the realm of sports cars (which at least get fair gas milage).

As it is, we are burning the oil our children and grand-children will need and not just for energy. Oil is the primary feedstock for most of the chemical industry and- in that role- there is no equivalent alternative. We can burn alcohol; we can't make a multitude of plastics directly from it.

Basic problem is that we have to quit being so personally selfish. We have to quit using temporary handicap permits as a perennial pass for healthy people to be inconsiderate. We have to quit being excessive consumers, blaming everyone else for gas shortage when the mirror shows the problem. In the mid-70s, the U.S. response to the OPEC oil was to buy cars that used less. The result was price reductions within a few years. We need to try that again.