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Saturday, November 19, 2005

House GOP relocate spine and political smarts the same day!

It was great fun, watching the antics tonight. The Dems thought they could propose 'cut & run' just before the recess, go home to talk it up and fill their coffers from extremist moonbats like Soros, not worrying about going on record for anything to kill them off in the '06 election cycle. Wrong! Thanks to some sharp-thinking Rank & File GOPers (the real heroes in this; I wish I knew their names!), the GOP came up with a 'Sense of the House' resolution. The brilliance of this is that just a resolution has no details that can be contested or delayed on technicalities (unlike Murtha's more detailed, but equally absurd resolution). The vote could easily go forward. The Democrats were forced to argue strenuously, behave badly, then vote against their own arguments, siding with the GOP! What a pack of buffoons! Only the 3 that voted 'Yea' had any guts (still treasonously wrong) and those were outnumbered 2-1 by the really gutless 'present' votes.

The result is a nearly unanimous backing of our troops in the field (with the troops still very much away who their real friends are), the anti-war political opportunists completely humiliated, and significant payback for recent Democrat shennanigans (e.g. Reid's 'secret' session). All accomplished in less than 36 hours and just in time for the Dems to go home to the laughter and ridicule of all but the moonbats. Great job for a change, GOP! Now; do something about that absurd pork you still are protecting like a pack of 70s tax-and-spenders!