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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blogging from Uganda

Finally got time to visit an internet cafe here in Kampala; I'm working to train my daughter on email and to post on her blog. After meeting Winnie, I am positively humbled and immensely honored that she calls me 'Daddy'. I have much work to do to truly earn that honor.

I have found Uganda a wonderful country; not so much the tropical nature, not any sights I have seen (I have not had time to do any real 'tourist' stuff; another trip will be needed for that. It is the people; the vast majority are very pleasant, generally much happier than Americans (with much less to be happy about), and they all but ooze talent.

Moud, the phenomenal, (but a bit of a pest) artist;
Alex, the 'special taxi' driver, skilled and polite thru the nightmare traffic;
Winnie, who is a natural and powerful leader and the finest daughter;
Rose, with a stunning voice for singing;
Constance, beautiful and a mesmerizing dancer for the Kika Dance Troupe;
Julius, who could probably construct a car out of tin cans;
Emanuall, extrememly gracious host of a bed and breakfast.
Scores of kid at the Kiwanga and Rakai orphanages; hard working, very polite, very talented.

All have powerful talents for what they do and just marvelous character. I will probably start a separate blog about travel in Uganda, I enjoyed it that thoroughly.