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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Big, Bad Bolton; go kick some U.N. tail

Now that the liberal whining ‘No fair, No fair!’ has faded from the camera spotlight and Bolton is at the U.N., he needs to get down to the business. Kofi downplaying him as just one of 190 ambassadors (Uhh, Kofi; he’s one of 15 on the Security council and represents the nation that pays for one-fourth of your bloated and corrupt organization.) I’d loved to have been a fly on the wall of the ‘brief private meeting’ Bolton and Annan had. Something along the lines of:

Annan: “You’re going to mellow out here, aren’t you? You’ll have to to get along, you know.”
Bolton: “Yeah, right. Kofi, have you got your retirement planned out yet?”

I’ve heard that the Useless Nations are planning on spending up to $1.2 billion on rebuilding the current facility and have essentially asked to U.S. to ‘loan’ them the money. We ought to say, “Sure, we’ll even just give you the money (you’d never repay it anyway). Only one requirement; that you enhance your ‘image of neutrality’ (suppressed hysterical laughter) by building it elsewhere- say Switzerland.”

I’m sure the hookers and ritzy restaurants would be appalled, but the net positive of them moving out would definitely make it all worthwhile.