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Friday, July 01, 2005

Axe Handles and Brass Knuckles

OK; here we go! Does anyone seriously think that the Supreme Court vacancy will be filled without the most viscious political knife fight seen in this generation? And we thought the 2000 Election fight was bad and disgusting?

Kennedy wants consultation; who does he think he's kidding? All he wants is more time to search for dirt and prepare his ideologue’s Banzai charges. Unless Bush nominates Hillary Clinton, that dinosaur will declare the nominee an unacceptable extremist (Uhh, Ted; that's just your reflection in the mirror). They'll delay just as long as possible to find the nominee’s Post-it Notes, personal habits, ancestry, and restaurant choices that ‘clearly demonstrate’ a clear sign of a nascent Nazi and baby eater. The religious Right will accuse the left of setting fire to the Constitution and opening the gates of Hell to let demons overrun the country. (Demons would surely be preferable to the lawyers we’ve got now!)

Chances of a filibuster? Probably 90%, no matter the nominee. Chance of the ‘nuclear option’ being successfully used by the Republicans? Depends on the nominee, but I’d say 70%. The liberals are already twisting logic in knots, saying this is the fight of the generation but ‘not worth destroying the Senate over’ (i.e. using the nuclear option, after which the Democrats throw the ultimate tantrum and try to shut down the Senate; and this is bad…why? :))

The cleanest way to settle this would be to take the entire Senate to a convention center, hand out brass knuckles and axe handles, then turn out the lights and close the doors. Whoever comes out wins. Without knives in the fray, I don’t think the back-stabbing Democrats would have a chance, especially as reliant as they are on Alzheimer medication ad models.