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Friday, January 28, 2005

Two Days to go for Iraq; MSM, bend over and Kiss it!

Despite the Fourth Estate acting whole-heartedly as the terrorist's Fifth Column on the Iraqi issue, the real rubber meets the road on Sunday. Hopefully, the majority of Iraqis do the math:

The worst number I've heard is 150 bombs may be ready to go; that number is probably pretty excessive. Figure the majority of these will be stopped by the incredibly courageous Iraqi and Coalition forces (the vast majority of recent casualties have been security forces who stopped bombs from reaching their primary targets). So let's say 40 bombs go off anywhere near as planned. Quite atrocious, undeniably, and probably a very pessimistic number.

OK, how many polling places. 5,300? Even if a given poll is hit, it will be at a given time, effecting only a given number of people in line (especially since very few will be car bombs, with the traffic crackdown). No more than 1 in 50 that go to a normal poll. So the chances of becoming a casualty on election day? No greater than one in 50,000. And that's a very pessimistic view.

Heck, in 1997, I rafted a river that had killed a bigger percentage than that for the year. And I did that for fun, not to bring freedom to my country.

As for Sunni participation? They have more choice than anyone, since they are clearly the primary supporters of the terrorists. If they want to participate, they would simply quit supporting the terrorists and vote. Their loss, but I think they find kinder treatment by the winners than they actually deserve.