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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Imperial News Media attempts at Global Engineering

The IMN (MSM just doesn't convey the level of blatant arrogance enough) is the primary reason for the explosive growth in the blogosphere. They were clearly hoping this was an election year phenomena and they could go back to their propaganistic ways unmolested. No such luck. Dan Rather can bend over and kiss our pajama-wearing asses!

Yesterday four car bombs went off in Iraq. While the deaths are certainly regretable, there was one fact that the news media did not mention anywhere; that all four were stopped by security precautions before they reached their intended targets. This was not just de-emphasized by the Imperial News Media, it was not mentioned! Instead, they wrote about how they all went off within 90 minutes of each other, the tone of awe for the level of coordination intentional (Hardly a grand accomplishment).

The fact is, the terrorists seek and thrive on publicity of their deeds and revel in the complete lack of positive coverage in Iraq. So when it comes time to assign blame for the killing of innocent civilians, save a little of it to be placed on the anti-democratic terrorists and put it on the Imperial News Media.

I wonder what would happen if, in one of the not-rare cases where news types seem to be on the scene of one of the bombings overly quickly, if the families of the slain were to sue the news media outlets as accessories to murder.

Not surprisingly, our troops over there are pretty fed up with this as well. Here is the best piece I've seen of late written by one of them: Media Distortion