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Friday, October 29, 2004

About the Election

Who do we blame for the missing explosives in Iraq? How about a U.N. official,
whose job is endangered, deliberately trying to break a story about explosives
unaccounted for for YEARS, suggesting it was a recent event. How about the New
York Times, who did *very* little research on the story before trying to make it
sound like 360+ tons of munitions (out of at least 600,000 tons found so far)
disappeared recently, when in fact much of it it very well may have disappeared before American troops even arrived! How about CBS News, still unrepentant after Rathergate, planning to spring this as a Sunday surprise 36 hours before election day, before the lid got blown off it.

Most importantly, how about John Kerry who- in desperate, reckless opportunism-
calls this a case of mass incompetence, in doing so besmirching the job our troops are
doing in Iraq. After all, Bush isn't physically on site; our troops are. If he is
claiming operational incompetence, it is not OUR TROOPS that Kerry is defiling??
Does anybody really think this guy could possibly be respected as Commander-in-Chief?

And, as a last point, you might want to read this Iraqi's thoughts on our election. If The Imperial News Media and blatant voter fraud puts Kerry in the White House, watch the celebration by the thugs, murderers and terrorists in Fallujah and other snake pits. Are those the people we want to make happy?