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Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Imperial News Media has totally lost it

The Dan Rather - Bush memo debacle is a rather phenomenal display of how really archaic and arrogant the Imperial News Media has become. They’ve been unprecedented this time around in not even attempting to mask their bias and have clearly become the investigative arm of the Kerry campaign. No effort to investigate the claims of the SwiftVets; only efforts to discount them. But plenty of effort to smear Bush’s military history (which is hardly stellar, as Bush himself admits). The primary evidence of Dan Rather’s so-called expose was proven to be a hoax (definitely proven, thanks to bloggers such as Little Green Footballs) in a matter of hours by the blogosphere. Dan’s reaction of blaming Republican operatives (most of the bloggers involved are actually Kerry supporters, to which I tip my hat for their honesty.). What a fuddy-duddy response, as was the CBS claim that there will be no investigation. What rubbish!

Dan, it’s time for you to go. If he can’t see past your own arrogant bias and power and keep up at least a little bit with current informational trends, you need to go the way of the dinosaurs. And that goes for the upper management of CBS and any other traditional media source that feels their job is to manage the political process rather than report it. And they wonder how Fox got so popular?

To fellow bloggers, I say this: We are becoming a primary source of information for more and more people. Take that responsibility seriously; be sure of your information, keep your thoughts clear and concise, and march forward.