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Friday, September 03, 2004

Whiny Politics, History and Sub-Animals

Kerry sure gave a significant contrasting image the other day immediately following the Republican Convention, though I doubt it was the contrast he wanted. He sounded whiny, desperate and rushed, whle the convention was polished, entertaining and highly focused. He certainly had none of the attributes I would want in the Oval Office on display that night. It certainly matches the image one gets of Kerry while reading "Unfit for Command".

I finally got my copy of that book; it took 19 tries at about 8 different book stores to get a copy. Of course, I could have ordered it online; but I became convinced bugging the bookstores was necessary. Considering the number of viscious Bush-bashing books prominently displayed in all of these stores, I was determined to pester them into getting this book in the stores. It was obvious I wasn't the only one; the employees started getting that 'hunted' look. Only today did any quantities of significance showed up. One this for sure; establishment types don't have to worry about burning books if they don't get in the hands of the people. It would be interesting to see the details of the book distribution from the actual publishers to the outlets.

The Russian school tragedy really drives home the point that we ARE in World War III; these animals must be hunted down, as well as their brainwashers and funders. The vast majority of Muslims who are rational must come off the fence and actively join in hunting down, ratting out, and putting an end to the terrorists, the trainers and the financiers. Some already have and are extrememly brave for doing so. Vastly more have to, if this conflict in not going to turn into a real Jihad from both sides, one the Muslim world will not win. It is all up to them.