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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Zell Miller, a true Marine

Brother! What a speech! There's a man I'd go over the top with in a bayonet charge! He did an equal number on Chris Matthews, whose tendency to block his guests from answering has gotten completely out of hand.

The Imperial News Media, as unashamed shills for the Democrats, will call into question Zell's motives, his past, even his sanity if needed. However, it will be very difficult to claim that this is of any personal benefit to Zell. Could it be that he actually did it for the reasons he stated? Naw, these people of whispy morality say; it can't be that. They can't understand those things that drive such men as Zell; it's not 'stylish' (to quote a sneering Dirty Harry).

Zell, You stay in the Democrat and fight the good fight there. God knows, those people need such a voice of strength (just as the Republicans need McCain to occasionally give them a kick in the pants). You have my deep gratitude and respect; keep that Marine bayonet charge advancing. Glory is already yours, you will not fail and- come the sad day when you go to meet your maker- your unwavering direction and moral fiber will be appropriately rewarded.