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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Afgans do democracy proud (wrinkles and all)

Despite threats of violence and hours-long lines, millions of Afgans voted the other day for the first time in their lives. (If only American appreciated the right to vote so much!) This is a historic acheivement for a people who have suffered too long. Sure, there were some wrinkles (make sure you've got the right ink, people!), but I'm certainly convinced the election was more fair than the vast majority of truly democratic elections. Heck, the U.S.- with historical cases of ballot stuffing and dead people voting alphabetically- has a far worse history of fairness before the middle of the 20th century.

Ironically, this set up an interesting scenario. I think the American government should, after the process is done, recruit among the Afgan election workers to go to Iraq as election consultants to help in the upcoming January elections. These people know how to do it, obviously are not easily intimidated, and what better image to give the world than Muslim helping Muslim to vote?

Hats off to Bush and his whole team that made this possible for a deserving people!