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Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Reaping of What was Sown

It’s been too long between posts for me; working for a living sure crimps both time and intellectual energy for such things.

So now there been a bombing in Qatar and Natasha Tynes, a reporter for Al Jazeera who seems very much more reasonable than nearly all of her organization, is scared.

Well, I wish Natasha well, but her own organization has proven itself as an invaluable asset to the goons who set off bombs amidst civilians. They are spreading out from Iraq now, at Bin Laden’s request, which is clear proof that the Coalition- and the Iraqi people- have essentially won. I think most people expected that to mean terrorist actions in the U.S. However, the terrorists don’t have the organization or support network that they have in surrounding Middle East countries. So, to the consternation of those people, that’s where the monsters have moved their operations first.

Once these terrorists are brainwashed by the decades of Wahabism, they don't see the nice demarcations that those that merely tolerate or encourage the brainwashing (Arabic media, governments and royalty included) would desire.

Natasha seems like a very decent person and I pray for her safety. Just as I do for everyone who goes to a mosque or church. or who attends a funeral or wedding in Iraq and Lebanon.