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Thursday, August 04, 2005

More threats

Hmm, The Number 2 man in Al Qaeda is threatening London and the State Department has issued a travel advisory for Great Britain. My plans before all of the bombings and threats were- on my 12 hour layover in London in 3 weeks- to ride the Tube out to Tower Hill and take the double-deckers for a quickie tour. Now, I’ll have to change my plans... does anyone know where I can buy a ‘You Can Kiss My Ass, Al Qaeda’ T-shirt to wear as I ride the Tube and take the bus?

Heck, I’m on my way to Africa where mosquitoes kill as many ‘innocent bystanders’ every week than these Al Qaeda goons have managed in a year. Both types of blood-suckers need to be dealt with the same way; you go on living your life as you would otherwise while being alert for them, and squash either insect without mercy when they raise their ugly heads.