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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Headed for Africa Next Week

Well, not that I’ve been regular enough about posting anyway, but there likely will be a three week hiatus; I’ll be leaving for Uganda on Aug. 29th . Assuming I survive riding the Tube and buses wearing my new shirt, I’ll be spending 17 days at the Kiwanga orphanage in Kampala and the Sabine orphanage in Rakai (about 150-200 miles south). Winnie will be busy in leadership training for my first week, so I’ll be able to work with others until then. I’ll give a full report when I return; may post once while there, as I need to visit an Internet café with Winnie and show her the online ropes.

At least I’m not going to Northern Uganda; MSNBC reporters have done some great reporting on the problems here and here. I wouldn’t make a run up that way until a few things are done; my son is off on his own; my mother no longer needs me to buy cigarettes for her and to keep her out of trouble; and I buy myself a decent sidearm and get comfortable with its use. Maybe a few years from now.