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Sunday, November 13, 2005

An Intercepted Al-Qaeda Communique!

I have located an internal Al-Qaeda communique; it has not been finished yet by the evil-doers, but it gives the rough idea.

Am I the only one who thinks it's time to put together a Onion-style site for these thugs? (Maybe ''?) They want to engender fear; laughing at them is definitely a form of psy-ops. It would have to be done pretty carefully to ensure it contains only humor with bite, not anything offensive to Muslims as a whole, or to make light of any of the specific barbarism they engage in. But I could see things like:
- 'Hygeine corner; Safe sex with your sheep'
- 'Safety Tip: Don't plant IEDs while you hear helicopters'
(Linked to that classic night-vision video of the chopper taking out the thugs)
- 'Recommended earplugs and paper bags for your 72 virgins"
(Nobody said they wouldn't be ugly and whiny; after all, you ARE going to Hell.)