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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney's Understandable Accident and Political Humor

After hearing the details of the Cheney episode, I found it quite understandable and an unquestionable accident. Why?

Because no one would expect someone to be to the 'right' of Cheney. [Cue rim shot] And if he had, Cheney certainly wouldn't have shot them; now, if they had been on the left.... Of course, Whittington would have returned fire as payback, but figured that the Secret Service would have made it a real unfair duel. Not like the Aaron Burr days; the wounded gent decided to quit while he was behind.

Michelle Malkin thinks the jokes should end, since the gentleman suffered a mild heart attack. Sorry, but I hope that my last breath on this earth comes out as part of a laugh at myself. God loves buffoonery since we all seem to commit it from time to time and some (especially liberals and the MSM) seem to make a profession of it.

However, some people are simply vicious with absolutely no sense of humor and those people disgust me. There are people clearly wishing that Whittington would die (such as the Kos lunatics who I will never link to), just to tar the Bush Administration further. I put these idiots in the same category are those carrying signs advocating beheading cartoonists and close to the same fringe that are burning embassies over political drawings.

I also have utter contempt for those left-leaning wusses (like at our Dallas Morning News) that pixilated the Mohammed cartoons but blow up to twice the original size the nasty Rumsfeld cartoon that used a quadruple amputee soldier as a comedic prop. Insult to your hearts content those willing to sacrifice so much to defend their freedom of expression, but cave in to the thugs who would take that freedom away? There is no lower form of ideological scum.