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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Solution to Illegal Immigrants

It is time, if people are really serious about doing something about the illegal immigration problem, to go after those people who profit significantly from these illegal workers.

You could start in my own neighborhood. The federal government could go to every house within three miles of mine (including my own) and slap a 10% of appraised value lien on every one of them. Believe me, each one of our homes was at least that much cheaper based on the use of cheap, productive, illegal sub-contracting labor. Then they would go to the builders, slapping a lien worth 20% of their profitability over the last decade, along with continuing penalties of 10% of revenue until they demonstrate that every worker that touches their site is legal; no further hiding via subcontracting.

The money could be used to initiate sweeps through construction sites. All illegal workers would be taken to the border to use their construction skills to work on the border wall, paid for by the ever-growing fines on the previous benefactors of their illegitimate work. Start fines and liens on users of lawn services, small restaurants and their customers, custodial services and their customers (hello, Wal-Mart), hotels and motels and their customers (especially the business travelers), commercial construction outfits. More roundups and on and on…. We’d get a wall built from coast to coast in no time at all. Then we march all the illegal workers- pockets fat with fine money- through the gate and lock it behind them. Problem solved.

Seriously, am I the only one to realize we all are guilty of profiteering from the cheap and very productive labor of hard-working illegal aliens? Sure, we’ve paid more in education and healthcare costs, but the net is a financial positive and that is why it goes on and grows. But it is illegal and something needs to be done.