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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Format that will Finish the Fossilized Media

This blogging business was a start, one that's gotten better very quickly (this site is positively Stone Age compared to some). But this site is the next step up. Technology has finally made the 'garage (actually basement) newsroom' possible. This is still pretty primitive compared to what will be coming, but remember this site. This is the one that will finally lead to the shattering of the journalist oligarchy that now concentrates more on social engineering than on news reporting. The final step will be consoldation sites, fed by hundreds of 'freelancers'. High competition, low costs, no elitist control. It’ll be great stuff.

On a related note: Bush's picking Tony Snow as press secretary was great! But I have some advice for Tony (who doesn’t?):

- Go to an elementary school (preferably one of those tough inner
    city private ones) and do a question and answer session with them.
- Get a good length of that edited and put into a loop.
- Add several ‘time out’ chairs in the back corners of the White
    House briefing room.
- Show the school film to the press room vultures, tell them this
    is the level of decorum that is expected.
- First ones to violate the decorum, point to the ‘time out’ chairs
    and say the only way to ever get selected again to ask questions
    is to serve a ‘time-out’.
- If the whole room gets rowdy, start the tape in loop and start
    packing to leave the room. If they don’t settle down, walk out
    and end the day’s session.