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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Conservatives should sit out the 2006 Election and let the GOP lose

I can here the howls of anguish from the party faithful as I write this, but there are very sound reasons to do so. Most of them are related that- as the New Establishment- they have forgotten their roots. The GOP can take a perverse pride in their superior efficiency to the Democrats; they managed to reach the wildly out-of-touch buffoonery stage in only 12 years of total legislative power; the Democrats took over twice that long.

This is also not the first time the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) have taken over. All of us really old warhorses remember that the last time they were called the Rockefeller Republicans, who gave us…. Tricky Dick Nixon. Boy, did that do wonders for the GOP! (sarcasm off) It was also the last time I ‘retired’ my GOP support (though my family did work the conventions of ’68 and ’72 trying to pound wisdom into delegates’ heads. Wisdom about an alternative named…Ronald Reagan).

Immigration has been a total debacle, thanks to the Senate RINOs; the misreading of the voting public (as opposed to the marching public) is appalling and suicidal. The earmark scandal- especially the fact they are getting more prevalent- is an abomination to all fiscal conservatives. And then there was the outrage over a Congressional felon’s office was searched via a warrant. How…non-elitist! How dare they! Search warrants; too good for you, not good enough for us!

It is time to ensure that the conservative don’t become the equivalent of the ‘black’ vote for the Democrats; ‘No matter how little you do for them, they’ll still turn out for us, so why pay attention? It’s time to sat at home (except for our nearest and dearest friends with ACU ratings of 80 and better) and let the Grand Old Party get booted out of power.

It is critical to do it now. Why? Because, if we don’t, it surely will happen in ’08, when the vastly more critical executive offices are up. Do you really want Hillary or Al Gore managing the continuing War on Terror (something likely to go on for at least a decade more)??

We need time for the Democrats to show their stuff; to show precisely how out of step with the voting public the Loony Left really is. In that regard, I hope it is the Senate that is lost (though I’m willing to lose both houses) and that the remaining voice of reason in the Democrats (Joe Lieberman) is lost in his upcoming primary (let the Kos Kids win that one; we’ll get Joe to run independent later.) A year of so of Reid as head of the Senate (and possibly Pelosi running the House, though less likely) should do the trick.

Why am I not just advocating knocking off RINOs in the primaries? It won’t do this time around; fresh conservatives in those races will still catch the wrath at the General election polls for what they didn’t do. And even if they didn’t, the Dems could still sit on the sidelines armchair quarterbacking with no responsibility.

Oh, and this applies equally as well to my home state of Texas. The overly comfortable buffoons have got to go.

Sorry, but that is my view. I’m sitting out this year on all but a few races- for the first time since the ‘72 Nixon campaign. Principle does trump party when those principles are repeatedly trampled, with no end in sight to the marching feet of the RINOs.