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Monday, June 28, 2004

This is Winnie, my 'daughter' in Uganda; a remarkable young lady. Read her story here. Posted by Hello


A great day for America and Iraq

Today, while watching the glorious transfer of power in Iraq, I had a epithany. George Bush- a highly religious man who laid a hand on a Bible to be sworn into office- has risked his career and spent American treasure (Blood and money) to reach a day where a group of people could- in freedom- lay their hands on a KORAN to be sworn into office. Only this country- and this leadership- would have don this.

May the new Iraq and the US be friends for generations to come! May God (or Allah, if you prefer) bless these countries and these leaders!


Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A bunch of links that will open your eyes

Me doing a blog is nothing. Here is a listing of some of the bravest bloggers out there; Iraqis speaking their minds, in an environment where Iraqis are being assassinated every day by goons and thugs. A GREAT people is emerging into the light, if these people are any indication. It HAS been worthwhile, despite our losses.

Iraq the Model (other links there)

Healing Iraq    Iraq at a Glance    Iraq and Iraqis    Road of a Nation

A GREAT place to converse with Iraqis