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Friday, September 23, 2005

The marvelous kids of Uganda

It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't been there to understand what wonderful kids there are in the orphanages of Uganda. Despite the harsh lives they've had, they are polite, happy, and eminently decent children.

The picture below is what some kids, without consulting the house parents, produced toward the end of my visit. All I did was provide some medicine, fund a few small projects, and counsel a few of the older kids. Their spelling of my name is a bit off, but that's the tiniest of details that adds charm to it all. What can one say?


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blogging from Uganda

Finally got time to visit an internet cafe here in Kampala; I'm working to train my daughter on email and to post on her blog. After meeting Winnie, I am positively humbled and immensely honored that she calls me 'Daddy'. I have much work to do to truly earn that honor.

I have found Uganda a wonderful country; not so much the tropical nature, not any sights I have seen (I have not had time to do any real 'tourist' stuff; another trip will be needed for that. It is the people; the vast majority are very pleasant, generally much happier than Americans (with much less to be happy about), and they all but ooze talent.

Moud, the phenomenal, (but a bit of a pest) artist;
Alex, the 'special taxi' driver, skilled and polite thru the nightmare traffic;
Winnie, who is a natural and powerful leader and the finest daughter;
Rose, with a stunning voice for singing;
Constance, beautiful and a mesmerizing dancer for the Kika Dance Troupe;
Julius, who could probably construct a car out of tin cans;
Emanuall, extrememly gracious host of a bed and breakfast.
Scores of kid at the Kiwanga and Rakai orphanages; hard working, very polite, very talented.

All have powerful talents for what they do and just marvelous character. I will probably start a separate blog about travel in Uganda, I enjoyed it that thoroughly.