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Sunday, March 19, 2006

We Really need an 'Anti-Hollywood'

I went with my son today to watch ‘V for Vendetta’. It’s a movie that really demonstrates the blindness of the Hollywood political extremists. The entire movie was reworked with clear references to current political situations; subtlety was not employed (including a quick shot of a ‘Coalition of the Willing’ poster with a Swastika on it).

The sad thing is nearly every reference situation they used is either applicable to those opposing Bush politically (the Unhinged Left or the MSM), or those the Bush Administration has defeated militarily (Hussein or the Taliban). Hollywood is so unhinged they don’t even see this aspect of the movie.

The evil Chancellor becomes increasingly upset that the people are not buying the message of the managed media (correlate this with clear frustration of the Mainstream Media over their loss of control and readership/viewership), having the media infusing the message everywhere (there were four different anti-Bush messages in my funny papers this Sunday!)

The troopers for the Chancellor commit rape with impunity and drag people off for reading or owning the wrong material or ‘moral turpitude’. These are well-documented activities of both the Saddam Hussein and the Taliban regimes. The Bush Administration took us to war partly to put an end of such things; they don’t actually commit such crimes.

They try to paint the lead role as a terrorist that you could sympathize with. He destroys the British Parliament building as a ‘symbol’, never mentioning the historical and democratic significance of the building. The Taliban destroyed two Buddhist statues as a ‘symbol’, not caring about the historical and religious significance of them.

While Hollywood is trying to paint the crimes of our enemies on our current administration, some people are making sure that real heroes are publicized. I just finished watching a special on Fox on India Company during the Fallujah battle; very moving, very poignant. Is there any hope of establishing an ‘anti-Hollywood’ to do movies on great, real-life heroes such as those brave Marines? Ones not loaded with political innuendo or back-handed compliments?