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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Iraqis have again Proved to be a Great People; now Pony Up!

We have all watched in wonder the great election stories that came out of Iraq the the days past. The great throngs of voters, the brave people (one a policeman, another a civilian young man) who gave their lives wrestling suicide bombers out of line, the small village outside of Bagdhad who fought of the terrorist who came to punish them for voting.

But now it's time now to do more that write our congratulations; it's time to come up with some funds to help. I have never asked this for my own charitable efforts on this blog. But I will ask for Iraqi Humanity. The day of the election, this doctor lost both a young woman and her unborn child, all for the lack of about a dollar's worth of medicine. His needs are so pitifully small (a total of about $600), that if just a few of us bloggers can chip in, lives can be saved. And have not the Iraqis as a people proved themselves to be worthwhile? Even $10 can help, so please do what you can.