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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gathering of Eagles: HotAir's Vent

Time to get off your arses!
Today Michelle Malkin calls us to action, rightfully so. If you're tired of watching the deranged leftists hold their media-hyped rallies that are virtually unanswered, you need to try to get down to DC to the Vietnam Vets Memorial Wall on March 17th. If you can't get there in person, attend one of the rallies associated with This Caravan

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

William Arkin; symptom of systemic A**holeness of the Elitist Press

It turns out that at least one editor DID review this piece of bovine excrement prior to it's posting. IMHO, the opinion he expressed is apparently held by a large part of the elitist MSM, though they would be a bit more refined and subtle about their expression of it.

Well, the vast majoritiy of the MSM aren't fit to apply the toilet paper of people like these written about in Arkin's own paper. These people are try to help brave Iraqis like these and hopeful Afghans like this one beat off some of the most heathanistic 'people' on the planet;thugs who would kill all 'infidels' (including many Muslims), rule by Sharia law and keep women uneducated and in Burkas.

These pampered elitists don't have a clue; if they did, they might be out doing reporting like this, or honoring our troops like this great man.

Go here to look in the eyes of the cost of this very important fight that we are waging against a belief system every bit as hideous as Nazisim; an absolutist, 7th century fanaticism that threatens the entire world in ways Hitler only dreamed of. But this time that have a willing accomplice Germany lacked in WWII; the Islamfascisits have the Imperial News Media of this country square in their hip pocket.