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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sorry; Your TV Remote will not turn off the War

To the vidiots who are out there tired of a war you have made no sacrifices for, except for minor interruption of your information flow on the latest ‘Lost’ episode or Paris Hilton’s latest escapade. I’m sorry, but your TV remote will not turn off the jihadists. Jihadists have been killing Americans since the first truck bombing in Beirut in 1983 (my brother was there). These lunatics have been at war with everything you hold dear since before then and they will take every opportunity to impose their 7th century governmental concepts on you and as much of the world as we are willing to hand over to them.

Iraq is just one current front on this generational war, one that- if lost- will give Al Qaeda a nation of major financial resources to draw from and would guarantee the death of many 100,000s. It will also generate millions of refugees from their rule; and where do you think many of those refugees will end up? That’s right; the good old USA! And mixed in with them will be just as many terror cells as the Al-Qaeda can sneak in among the legitimate refugees. Who knows; your new next door neighbor may need some your help to move his RPGs in.

It's very simple; listen to the people who have served, or are serving over there. Let them, not some MSM type or US-based pundit, tell you about the value of the fight in Iraq. Ever wonder why you don't see a simple poll being done; one that asks the returning troops that asks them whether they think it is worth doing? The MSM would be real uncomfortable about the result.